MOTD: Graphic Liner!

Over the last few days I’ve been totally inspired by Val Garland and I really wanted to try to recreate one of her looks. I had a really touch time choosing because she has produced some amazing work so I think I’ll be doing some more of her looks in the future but for today, I will be trying to recreate this one:


I’ve been wanting to do some sort of graphic liner look and Val Garland has done some amazing work with liners and I was so in love with this photo. It is definitely harder to do than I first thought. You have to make straight lines in a curved area. I tried my best and here is what mine turned out like:

IMG_1316 IMG_1318

The lines are a bit squiggly in the centre and I can only blame poor control of my eyeliner for that. I think this might be easier to recreate on someone else’s face than your own but it can definitely be done. I wish I’d added more to the top of the wing because I can see now how curved the top looks in these photos haha. Ah well. You have to start somewhere!IMG_1319



I like these side pictures better because they show the liner better.

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Au revoir xxx

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