Cinderella Week: Outfit!

Today is the big day! Australians can now go to the cinema and see the new Cinderella movie and I thought it would be cool to dress up all Cinderella themed. We may not have a Disney park in Australia but that doesn’t stop us from Disney Bounding in our own way. I have a lot of blue dresses but the dress that I chose for this reminded me most of the new Cinderella movie. I am planning on wearing this to the cinema.

IMG_0848jThis dress is from Forever New and I loved it as soon as it was released but I never had the reason or the money to buy it. It wasn’t until I saw it at Harbour Town for $20 that I bought it! Its a beautiful chiffon dress with medium blue, light blue and pinky-purple flowers on it. I was going to purchase some craft butterflies to pin to the dress to make it more Cinderella-ish but I left it off, but that’s totally something you could do!

I also added a little woodland creature headband because it felt very fairytale and it held back my unstyled hair (unstyled due to uninvited guests in the bathroom that I am scared of).

I hope that you’re enjoying Cinderella Week! I’m looking forward to sharing more of my work with you!

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Hope you’re having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx

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