Cinderella Week: Hair Tutorial!


For the hair part of Cinderella week, I wanted to do my version (fringe version) of one of the looks in the new movie because to me, they’re more interesting than a bun and pin curls, like in the 50s Disney version. My hair cut would have probably suited the 50s version better haha, but I can do what I want.

So, here is what I based my look on:


There’s a lot more volume in the braided headband than what I chose to do. I was going to class right after I did this look so I didn’t want it to be too crazy, my teachers already think I’m pretty weird because I wear wigs all the time!

Here’s what I did:

IMG_0845                                    IMG_0850

In my version, I did a much cleaner rope braid headband, Ella’s is more textured and full. I’ve never rope braided before so it was pretty interesting! So, now, I’m going to teach you how to achieve this hair style.

1. Split your hair down the middle, horizontally, then split those sections in half and bring the front half together with a hair tie.

IMG_0836                                   IMG_0837

I was laughing at myself taking these pictures because it looked like I had a strange beard.

2. Spilt the untied sections into two pieces and twist them both in the same direction. Then twist those two twists together in the oposite direction that you twisted the hair. So, if you twisted towards your face, put the piece closest to your face over the other piece and continue.

IMG_0838                                  IMG_0839

3. When your rope braid reaches the top of your ear, tie it (optional) and pin it behind your ear. Do this to both sides.

IMG_0840                                 IMG_0841

I look like some elvish goat with this hair still tied by my chin haha.

4. Separate your beard haha. you could tease these sections a bit to give them more volume or just twist the ends like you’re quiffing your fringe and pin behind the braids, covering your pins. Finish it off with some hair spray.

IMG_0842                               IMG_0843

And that’s it! Its pretty simple, its just time consuming! From here you could curl your hair and add some glitter but I didn’t have time to curl it all and I liked how my natural waves looked kind of magical~


I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. It probably would have looked better had I pinned back my fringe. I may recreate this at some point when my fringe is a little bit longer.

IMG_0846                                       IMG_0847

It’s not a real blog post without some silly selfies haha

IMG_0848                                      IMG_0849

If you recreate this look, I’d love to see it! If you’ve recreated other Cinderella hair, feel free to link me to it, I’d love to see it and try it out. I love braiding my hair now, I just think its so fun and easy.

I hope that you’re enjoying Cinderella Week! I’m looking forward to sharing more of my work with you!

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Hope you’re having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx

3 thoughts on “Cinderella Week: Hair Tutorial!

  1. I tried to recreate your style today after reading your post and it worked out so well! Your instructions and photos were easy to follow and I’m surprised how well I managed to pull it off. I got so many compliments today, but I never would’ve thought to try it myself – thank you so much for sharing! Keep up the awesome work on your blog =)


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