My MAC x Cinderella Experience

So, about a month ago, I made a post about being pretty excited about this collection (you can view it here). This collection has been the most frustrating collection release that I’ve ever been part of and I’m here to tell you everything that went down for the Australian release of the MAC Cinderella collection with the help of Effie Trinket pics.

If you live in Australia, you’re probably well aware of MAC’s inability to tell us any important information. And following the US release, we knew it was going to be a bloodbath by the time it got to Australia. It was the flippin’ makeup Hunger Games and I was having none of that.

get-the-look-2 MAC released the Cinderella collection online without any warning, so it wasn’t until I read on facebook, an hour later, that it was released online. And it was hard to find too. When I went to order just one of the lipsticks, it said it was in stock. Other items were out of stock so everything seemed to be updated normally and I was excited that I was in with a chance at getting my item. I checked 15 minutes later to see what was in stock still and the lipsticks were still in stock so I notified my instagram followers. I got an email confirming my order pretty much immediately and I was so excited.

585bef055f395289_1400688_803000503049936_273289660_o.preview_tall The next day at 9am, MAC sent an email to everyone on their mailing list to tell them that the collection had been released. A total waste of time considering everything from the collection was well and truly sold out by that point.

At 11am, I was notified by Paypal, not MAC, that my order had been cancelled and I was refunded because it said that they didn’t actually have any stock and if we had further questions, we could call them. I found out that this had happened to a lot of people and there were a tonne of angry customers. I was in class when I got that notification and I kinda started freaking out. It was such a rush the night before getting the item I really wanted and then the next day having it ripped from me. So, I called MAC and asked what was up. They said that they didn’t update site quickly enough and they said they tried to update it every 15 minutes. Like, did they know it was a limited edition collection?? I feel like that is a load of craaaaap because I know people after me purchased my items and received their products. Either way, I was without my lipstick.

elizabeth-banks-3 They told me that David Jones was releasing theirs online at 12am on Sunday so if I wanted another chance of getting it for Australian release prices, I could get it from there. On Saturday night, I was tossing up whether to get it or not because I believe that these kinds of things happen for a reason and I wouldn’t really be missing out on much if I didn’t get it. So I didn’t buy anything at 12am on the Sunday morning.

On Sunday, I heard that people had bought some products in store already meaning that Myer or David Jones had released it early. Again, no warning. About midday, I ordered from David Jones with the Click and Collect because it said that there was products still available to purchase. I wasn’t expecting anything to be available so it was a total surprise that it said that things were still available. Everything went through fine, confirmation email and everything and I was super hopeful.

The-Hunger-Games-Effie-Trinket-2 On Monday, the actual release day, I got a phone call at 12pm saying that they had had an error on their site and they actually didn’t have any stock left. The guy who called me actually didn’t know it was a limited edition collection… So, they called me at a time that I couldn’t even go and correct it by trying to line up in town and buy the product. I was so so disappointed. It’s really disappointing and totally unprofessional for them to keep those products in stock on the website and not update them. Twice, I got my hopes up to have them completely destroyed the next day.

effie-cf So, I’ve now bought one of the lipsticks from a girl on Instagram and I totally don’t have my hopes up that I’m actually going to get it because I’ve been let down by this collection haha. I heard that in store, most stores had a maximum of 10 of each item in the collection, meaning that if you wanted Royal Ball, you needed to be in the first 10 people because everyone wanted to buy it. Some stores had even less, like I heard that one store had 2 of everything! That’s not fair and its so ridiculous. Maybe MAC should start focusing on like one collection per season and make sure they have a good number of products so that people at least have a chance! This was so dumb and I am scared to think of what the Beauty and the Beast collection might be like next year.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and I hope that some of you were able to buy what you wanted! If you did manage to get anything, I’d love to see what you purchased! Hold your purchases like a trophy because guuuurl, that was so crazy.

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ArrivederLa xxx

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