Review: Me Now Long Lasting Lip Gloss + swatches!

A little while ago I ordered some Me Now Long Lasting Lip Glosses after I’d seen them everywhere on Makeup Social. They are around $1-$3 AUD on eBay and that’s pretty much nothing when you think about makeup in Australia. I received them about 2 weeks later, which was totally awesome and unexpected because I heard it can take up to two months to receive them!

The reason that I purchased them was because:

1. I love matte liquid lipsticks

2. They are only around $1!!!

3. I can try lots of different colours and test out what looks good on my skin tone, especially now that I’m going through a stage where I have to darken up some of my foundations (thanks, summer).

I bought 6 shades and I have been wearing these since I bought them so that I could have lip swatches and solid opinions on their wear time and general feel.

Here are the shades I bought:


I thought I’d change up my picture a bit and take the photo outside because it was a nice day and I like nature-ish backgrounds to things so ye. In the little heart are the swatches on my hand. Now, I have a funny, related story about this day. When I was swatching the colours, I was super pumped. I was like ‘OH THIS IS A DUPE FOR THIS LALALA’ and I was going to put dupe swatches of high end underneath but I thought I’d do it after I’d taken proper photos, anyway, I decided against it afterwards because I feel like there are tonnes of dupes out there for these and you can just get on google – if you are interested I can make a separate post but I thought that it might have been too much for a quick-ish review. I was trying to get the colours off of my hands so I didn’t look crazy when I went out but I literally couldn’t get these off. The staying power is INSANE. My hands stain really bad as it is but this was crazy and I was so embarrassed ahhh. Anyway. Back to proper reviewing.

The colours that I bought are: 02, 10, 16, 25, 26, 28. The swatch order isn’t the same order as the lipsticks in my hand but the swatches are in chronological order. All of the colours that I received were super pigmented, I’ve heard that some people have had a bit of a hit and miss with the pigmentation of this product but they might just separate over time, and for the price, I don’t think that’s such a big deal.

Some people have said that these lip glosses (pretty much liquid lipstick) just don’t come off your lips and you need to either eat oily food or use an oil based makeup remover to remove the product. I did eat oily food when I tested these lip glosses and they did start to come off but never anything serious. But I was able to fully remove it with my face wipe so I don’t know what people were going on about. The staying power is really good but you are able to remove it so this isn’t a scary product at all. It’s super affordable and a great way to try out different lip colours.

They do smell kinda bad. They smell chemical-y and I don’t like it but its hardly noticeable after the product has dried on my lips. Also, they feel kinda funny on the lips, they don’t feel dry, they don’t feel creamy. They just feel like there’s something on your lips. You really have to wear it to understand what I mean haha.

Here are the swatches:











I didn’t swatch 10 on my lips because I haven’t worn it but I already know that I probably wont like it. I like the shade of nude that it is but it is a metallic finish but its still matte? Its kind of hard to describe.

My tips for wearing this product is to apply a lip balm before applying this, this is super essential. I wear one anyway but you can’t really go without wearing one for this because these will dry your lips out if you don’t wear a lip balm. I would also recommend wearing a lip liner because you then wont go out of the lines when applying. You can’t really afford to make a mistake with this lip product.

With all of that said, I’d recommend this product. I really want to pick up 18 because it is supposed to be a dupe for Lime Crime’s Cashmere Velvetine and as some people know, I’m pretty against Lime Crime but that doesn’t stop them from having pretty colours. Cashmere is a very unique colour that I didn’t think would suit me but lots of people have tried it on lots of different skin tones and its looked awesome so I wanted to try something similar!

I hope that you are having a lovely day!

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Hope you’re having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx

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