Review: Geo Medical Tri Colour Green

I have another long awaited lens review for Adelaide Little Lens! This review is for Geo Medical Tri Colour Green CM-903 and these were an interesting pair of contacts for me to try haha.

Company: GEO Medical
Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 42%
Life Span: 12 Months
~Prescription Available~



As you can see, the colour is almost identical to my natural iris colour.

Design: 2.5/5
I like the design of these lenses, on their own they look nice and natural. I think that these are best suited to people with blue or grey eyes or people with green eyes getting this pair in a prescription lens. On me, I see almost no difference in colour so these sort of feel like wearing them is a waste of time but these aren’t bad lenses at all.

Enlargement: 2/5
There’s probably a tiny bit of enlargement here but nothing crazy. These are super natural looking and would be great for those looking for coloured prescription lenses or you have blue/greay eyes.

Comfort: 4/5
These lenses were quite comfortable. They felt like nothing in my eye which was super worrying in the beginning because they look a lot like my natural eye so I was worried I’d forget that I had them in haha.

Overall: 3/5
It sucks that these looked SO much like my natural eye colour, they didn’t even enhance them in any special way. However, I do think that they are a good pair to try, especially if you’re a beginner. I don’t think these are suited to brown eyes, they just make the brown look highlighted, so if you’re after green lenses for your brown eyes, these aren’t for you. As I said before, best suited to blue/grey eyes because I think you would get the best result!

image4                                       image5

If you’re interested in purchasing these, you can purchase them from Adelaide Little Lens!

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Hope you’re having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx

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