Latest Purchases from LUSH Ft. Valentine’s Day releases

I don’t go into LUSH very often anymore because it is almost always packed full of people and there’s nowhere to move. Adelaide really needs a second store because it’s ridiculous now. Anyway, I needed to go to the store to purchase a present for a friend and got myself a few things while I was in there. My favourite thing about LUSH is that they often have trial sized products around the store. I am very intimidated by a high price tag for skincare because I don’t feel like much does anything for my skin and I’d rather test something out for a little while before I make the commitment.

So, here are my purchases:


I had read a few statuses about people trying out Dream Cream so I thought I might check it out and found that they had a trial size available! It was only $5 or so, so I thought it would be a good idea to try it. It is designed for very sensitive skin that is prone to skin issues (eczema, etc.). I have very sensitive skin so I thought that I might give it a go just to see how it is on my arms and lightly on my face. It definitely made my skin feel soft but it did feel a bit greasy, and I’m not generous with my lotions. I’ve found that a lot of LUSH’s lotions feel greasy on me so it might just be my skin because a lot of people really like their skincare.

Here’s what the lotion looks like:


For Valentine’s Day, there were two ‘counter’ releases. This was one of the items that greet you before making your purchase and I thought that it smelt nice so I gave it a go. There was also a lip scrub available but I haven’t finished my last lip scrub so I gave it a miss. This smells like jellybeans and it looks like one of those Lipsmackers from when I was younger. It has a lot of sparkle and it doesn’t feel very conditioning like the other balms that I’ve purchased from LUSH but this is a lip tint not a lip balm so I suppose that’s why. The shade is quite natural looking but I think that they could have made it a lot better by making a more moisturising product. $10 is a bit much for a lip tint that I could get from a lip balm aimed at children. The sparkles are also there after the tint has worn off, so be weary of that if you are thinking about purchasing this item.

Here’s what the tint looks like:


And lastly, another trial sized item. I’d never tried a LUSH shower scrub so this was a first for me. This product was also only around $5 and I loved the smell so I thought, why not? This has the most interesting texture. To me, it feels like touching a slushie that is room temperature but it isn’t melting. So you can still feel like little bits of ice haha. This made my skin feel really smooth and I really enjoyed it.

Here’s what the scrub looks like:



Hope that you’re all having a great day!

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