MOTD: 62nd Anniversary of Peter Pan

For this anniversary, I decided that I’d repost some photos from my Tinker Bell look that I did for 91 years of Disney.

I have always wanted to properly cosplay Tinker Bell and I am looking into possible doing it for a convention this year if I can commit to spending the money on the costume!

Here is the look!

Tink 2 Tink 1


At the time that I created this look, I’d been creating as many looks as I could and it was really tough, although I’m glad that I did it because I was able to recreate some of my absolute favourite characters! I really love the newer Tinker Bell movies, I think her character in those movies is much more lovable and I can’t wait for the new fairies movie to come out!

I hope that you are all enjoying your day 🙂

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ArrivederLa xxx

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