How to Wear Bold Eyeshadows ft. Shiro Cosmetics Pigments

Whenever I’m on Shiro Cosmetics’ website, I am always buying pigments based on what the pigment represents rather than whether I know I’ll wear the colour. I always like the colour but the probability of me wearing it is always slimmer than grabbing a neutral eye palette and just going about my day.

The other day, I wanted to use my Game of Thrones inspired pigment in Maiden Queen, which is a bright green with aqua and gold shimmers. And I thought that I might share how I went about using the colour and how it can be used with most other bold colours. The idea here is to make the colour look more wearable.

Here is what I did with Maiden Queen:

FullSizeRender (1)

You will want to use a neutral palette or a few neutral shadows to make the bold colour look more wearable, for this I used my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette.

I started by putting down a shade that matches my skin colour, all over the lid. This helps the other eyeshadows to blend easily.

I, then, applied the bold colour. You can do this any way you like but because I used a pigment, I applied this with a flat brush and I would have applied it wet if I wanted it to be really bold but I didn’t want to go too bold for going into the city to do some shopping. I applied this colour to the inner half of my lid but I didn’t apply it to the inner corner, you can if you wish but I like to keep that area clean so that I can leave it for highlight.

I used Salted Caramel – warm, caramel brown, from the Too Faced palette in my crease as a transition shade so that the look would be warmer. And to deepen the crease, I used Semi-Sweet – cool-toned, dark brown.

I used Hazelnut – medium cool-toned brown with beige shimmer –  on the outer half of my lid. Because the shade is shimmery, it still looked special with the bold look, while still being very neutral. I then blended the two colours on my lid together so that they transitioned well.

I used Champagne Truffle – pink-toned, shimmery white – as my inner corner highlight and blended it on to the green so that it brightened up the part of the colour closest to the inner corner, making it look a bit more interesting. This was also used to make my eyes look more open and awake.

For my face, I played it really safe and used warmer neutral colours. For the lips I wore NYX Butter Gloss in Madeleine and for my cheeks I used my Milani Baked Blush in Rose D’oro.



I didn’t wear any lashes for this look but you definitely could!

I hope that this helps you to get more wear out of your Shiro Cosmetics pigments! I adore the brand and I definitely think that they are worth checking out! These steps can also be applied with other brands, either pressed or loose shadows. Its all up to you!

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