Sarah Takes WA: Day 6 and 7

So, this last post is a bit late but I’ve been busy trying to unpack things and all of that nonsense. But I’m here now to post about my last days of adventuring in Western Australia.

The first thing that we did was see Into the Woods, at the earliest time available, as to have the whole day to see anything we might have missed in Fremantle.


I loved the movie, I thought it was a fantastic adaption of the musical. It brought me back to the time when I’d watched it for Drama class.

After the movie, we had lunch at Bread in Common.


My lunch was honey yogurt, granola, blood orange and other things that I’d forgotten soon after reading the menu.


It was a bit of an overkill of sweet but it was still really nice and I think that it’d be a really nice breakfast!

After that we visited the Round House and the look out onto the beach. It was a perfect day for it.



After the Round House, we went to the Fremantle Prison. I think that this was probably the thing that we were most excited to visit.



A lot of the prison was made out of parts of ships and the interior of the prison does look very ship like. It is a very beautiful building, despite what it was used for.

Here is the canteen menu, if you click on the picture, you can see the menu better but it is still very hard to read haha.


In this section, part of the ceiling was replaced and you can see what was replaced by looking at the colour of the wood!


There was a lot of art around the prison. Prisoners had to buy the paint with the money that they earned working. It was really beautiful walking around and seeing the creations on the wall.

IMG_8279 IMG_8281


After the prison, we bought groceries for our last dinner in Western Australia.

We decided to make hotdogs! They were inspired by a tv show that featured special hotdogs. We made Mac n Cheese, Chilli, and Peach Salsa!



On the last day we spent the day cleaning up and making sure that we were all packed and ready to head back home. We had a lot of trouble at the airport, we were shuffled about and trampled on by crazy people who were on our flight but we are safe and sound back home. I’m happy to be back and I’ll get back to my regular posts now. I’ve got lots to write about and I can’t wait to share it with you. I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing what I’ve been up to this last week!

As always, I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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ArrivederLa xxx

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