Sarah Takes WA: Day 5

Today, Frankie’s cousin, Anita took us around to lots of different places that are harder to travel to via public transport. We basically planned on seeing anything that we missed going to while we went into the city of Perth.

I didn’t take a photo of my outfit today because I just wore my lemon playsuit from Cotton On and its not all that exciting.

Our first stop was the AQWA, we don’t have any aquariums – to my knowledge – in Adelaide, so this was pretty exciting.


My favourite animal there was the stringray! He was so funny and he kept following us around.


And there was also this cool turtle.


And a shark


And this pretty fish


They also had lots of jellyfish, these jellyfish are Moon Jellyfish and Spotted Jellyfish


Here are some other sea creatures


There was a touch pool where you could pick up starfish or pat fish. There were little sharks in there, which is what is shown in this photo and they were all bunched up on one side. I wasn’t game enough to touch them but everyone said it felt like a shaved head haha. So gross.


And then we went to the coral reef where you can pay some money to swim with the fish.


After the aquarium, we had lunch at Mad Mex and had a little look at the shops close by.

Then we went to Leederville and checked out the shops there. They had a shop that sold some cool clothes with Garfield, Disney and other cartoons on them.

Then we went to Kings Park.


You can see everything from here. Anita said that it looks really cool at night because all the buildings are lit up.

Then for dinner we went to Little Creatures. I had the Prosciutto, Mozzarella and Lemon Thyme pizza and it tasted awesome. I’d highly recommend going here and getting a pizza, if you’re in Fremantle!


I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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