Sarah Takes WA: Day 3

This morning we woke up a bit late, considering the things that we wanted to see today. Due to yesterday’s sun burn, I opted to wear a cardigan over my dress because I didn’t want to burn further.

Here is what I wore:


We caught the bus to the Esplanade and walked to the Perth Museum. The walk wasn’t very long but the sun was making my burn feel worse so I just wanted to get inside, away from the hot sun. Along the way we saw some strange sculpture near the train station. I guess I can’t really talk though, Adelaide has two giant, silver balls in the middle of our main shopping strip.


And this is what the train station looks like from the top of the bridge. I like this better than what we have in Adelaide.


The Museum looked a lot bigger than it was, but that might be because in a few places, they had big open spaces with pretty much nothing in them.


The first section on the right was the sea creature section, they had some cute crabs and things around. This one was particularly cool. I, regrettably, made a ‘shut your pie hole’ joke.

IMG_8087 IMG_8085

The animal section was quite small but they had some cool animals. I heard one guy say, ‘You know, the bison is the only untamed bovine’. Okay buddy.

IMG_8090 IMG_8089

The butterfly corridor was beautiful. So many shining butterflies, its too bad that my phone couldn’t show all of the colours on each butterfly.

IMG_8091 IMG_8095


This section was filled with birds, I particularly liked the ‘chouette’ and the little penguin.

IMG_8099 IMG_8100

This was one of my favourite parts because it reminds me of Beauty and the Beast. I took a little video of the top part while we were up there but this is a photo from the ground.



They even had live animals in the museum! These were in the discovery room.

IMG_8106 IMG_8108

Outside of the museum, there was this activity area, next to the arts building. It was so cool. I wish there was something like this in Adelaide!


Then we went to go have lunch, we went to Flipside, a burger restaurant.

I had the Pear and Parmesan.


After we had lunch, we struck a lot of bad luck. Because we were pressed for time to fit everything in, we had to try to get to places quickly. We saw that near the museum, there was the Perth Gaol. But when we actually went out to look for it, we couldn’t find it so we just walked on to our next destination, which was really far away. By car, there’d have been no issue, but we were walking and the sun was right above us and my back ached from the burns. After walking for almost half an hour, we got to the SciTech, to find out that it was pretty much directed at kids so we didn’t bother. I need to sit down a lot because I wear flats that are pretty much socks, so my feet get sore quicker. Luckily, we got on the free bus to get back to the city.

That was another thing that kind of went wrong. Because I’d gotten burnt, I didn’t want to wear the original dress that I’d brought with me, to the wedding. So, I’d needed to do some pretty important shopping since we had arrived in WA and I was upset that we had wasted time walking to places that we ended up not going to and wasting more time in the sun were I was burning more, despite wearing something to cover the burn. I kept getting more and more agitated by everything that was happening around me. Once we had started shopping, I just bought a skirt that I thought I could easily find a top for, but I was so wrong haha. Either they didn’t have shirts in my size or they were covered in other people’s makeup, THANKS LADIES. And then I looked in Forever New and found a dress I would have loved to wear but I didn’t want to return the skirt after only half an hour of owning it because I couldn’t face the sales assistant again. I just felt so bad. We looked everywhere. Our feet ached and I kept saying that I just wanted to go home but Frankie kept pushing me to keep looking for something,

While on our crazy shopping adventure, we found this street that looked very British. It looked so cool.


After, we went grocery shopping and got our dinner and I calmed down a lot but I still just wanted to go home and give up. Before going home, Frankie saw something that I’d been really wanting for a long time and bought it for me and I felt so awful for being a pain in the ass all day. I might do a swatch post about this palette because its my dream palette and I’m just thrilled to have it.



I did end up finding a shirt for the skirt. I’m not overly happy with the outfit but it’ll do.

When we got home, we ate dinner and I pretty much fell asleep immediately because I was just so drained from everything that had happened. Tomorrow is the wedding, the reason we even came to WA! I am very excited 🙂

I hope that you are all enjoying your day!

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ArrivederLa xxx

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