Review: Coastal Scents Revealed Palette 1 and 2

During the Black Friday sales, Coastal Scents were having crazy deals across their website and since receiving the sample of the Coastal Scents Revealed Palette, I knew that this would be a great time to purchase the palettes because they were only $9.98 US each! So, I bought both and the shipping ended up being the same as the palettes combined meaning that I still effectively bought got one palette for free. I’ve swatched these palettes and I will give my thoughts on both of the palettes. I will also talk about whether I think that it is worth buying both palettes or if you are better off just purchasing one of them.


Here is the original Revealed Palette:

This palette is much more neutral toned compared to the Revealed 2 palette. I think that a lot of people would get a lot of use out of this palette and you can create so many nice looks just using this palette. There are 5 matte shades, one being a matte black. Some of the colours really remind me of colours in the Naked Palette, which is kinda cool because that way this could be a cheaper alternative to that palette, plus you get more shadows to choose from in this palette.

Top Row
Bottom Row

Here is the Revealed 2 palette:
The Revealed 2 palette is so beautiful. It is much more warm toned and I think that people with blue or green eyes will really adore this palette – as well as other eye colours but these colours tend to suit blue/green best. There are 7 matte colours in this palette and I love that they added more mattes for this palette because it definitely needed it. The only issues with this palette is, is that the fourth colour on the top row has hardly any pigmentation – when dry – and some of the shimmer colours are a bit rough, as opposed to the buttery-smooth feel that the other shadows have. The second to last colour on the bottom row was the most disappointing though! It looks stunning in the pan, but as you will see in the swatch, it is just a black with some red, blue, and purple shimmer but its mainly just another matte black. The shimmer is almost non existent. Both of these colours could be improved with a mixing medium.

Top Row
Bottom Row


I really love both of these palettes and at $10 they were an absolute steal. I think that that is great quality for the price and I think that these are both worth picking up. However, I think that at full price you would really only need one of these, whichever colour palette seems to suit you best. If they have these on sale again for this cheap, I would definitely recommend grabbing them both!

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