Review: Saavy Classic Powder Blushes!

Since I made the Priceline 40% off sale post a few weeks ago, I’d had my heart set on reviewing these blushes on my blog because I believe that they deserve a bit more attention. Saavy is a prettty underrated brand in Priceline pharmacies because it is quite cheap and sometimes cheap means ‘crap’ but in this case, it certainly doesn’t. The best part about these blushes is that they are only $5 AUD at Priceline, which is such a good deal for such a great product.

Here are the blushes!


L to R: Plum, Petal, Rose.

Plum and Petal are matte blushes and Rose is a satin finish. I, often, will buy matte blushes over other finishes because other finishes can be problematic for my preferences and I like to highlight my face to the moon and back so I’d rather just have a matte blush and not worry about the others. Rose just happened to be a really nice neutral shade and I thought that it would be a good one to pick up!

To my knowledge (which has served me well up until this point), there are 6 classic blushes in the powder blushes from Savvy. The only 3 shades I am missing are Cherry (darker pink), Silky Pink and another colour that I don’t think I would use – a nude/bronze shade. I am tempted to get Cherry but these blushes are just so pigmented and I can see myself becoming a clown with that shade, but one day when I buy better brushes, I may pick it up.

Here are some close up photos of each of the blushes:


This first blush is Plum, it is my favourite of the Savvy blushes that I own. I love the colour because it gives quite a natural flush to the cheeks, especially on my skin tone. This blush would suit any time of year but I think that it would best suit Autumn and Winter. This blush is really smooth and the photo looks like I haven’t even touched it but I’ve been using it almost every day for about a month. I would definitely recommend having a look at this blush in store.

Here is a swatch:



This second blush is Petal. It looks so scary in the pan because it is such a bright ‘Barbie’ pink but if you use a light hand – which is recommended for all of these blushes – then you won’t have any problems. This blush instantly brightens your makeup look and I think that it would be perfect for Summer!

Here is a swatch next to Plum:



And lastly, this is Rose. This blush is a much warmer shade of pink but it is definitely still in the pink family, rather than the coral family. I think that this blush is really versatile and a lot of people would really enjoy this blush. I have taken a closer photo of the pan so that you can see that it isn’t matte. The sheen on this is really pretty, which is why I wanted to buy it. The packaging of this one was a little flimsy and I am worried that it may break soon but I am thinking about buying a z-palette for these blushes and popping them out of these cases anyway!


And here is a swatch next to Plum and Petal:



I think that these blushes are an absolute steal for the price and quality. I’m sure that these could even be dupes for MAC blushes but I have never bought a MAC blush so I may just be saying stupid things. Regardless of whether they are dupes or not, I think that they should be shown a little more love because at only $5 AUD, you can’t get anything better, in Australia. They are only available at Priceline but I think that Priceline pharmacies are pretty well spread out in Australia, at least in the metropolitan areas. I definitely think that these match up to any drugstore brand blush, if not better other drugstore brand’s blush.

I hope that you are having a great day!

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