Review: Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightening


During the week, I received my Gerard Cosmetics order. I ordered 3 lipglosses on the 3rd of November with a discount code, and they arrived three and a half weeks later. Gerard Cosmetics and Whitening Lightening are the same company, one deals with teeth whitening products and the other, more recent, deals with makeup.

This brand and specifically these glosses are extremely hyped online, with most well known youtubers making sponsored videos for this brand. I don’t usually give into buying something because of youtube but after all of the initial hype, I saw my favourite youtuber mention one gloss in her monthly favourites and I knew someone else had a discount code so I thought, why not? I had just received money for my birthday so I wasn’t really losing money from this purchase.

After making the purchase I did some more research and it immediately made me wish that I could take back my order. I found out that, apparently, a lot of the sponsored videos require the youtuber to sign a contract saying that they must make a positive review of the products that they will be sent. Some people chose not to and they were sent them anyway but the majority probably agreed. So, trusted youtubers are steering people in the wrong direction and I think that that is really sad and it has left a really bad taste in my mouth about youtube in general. Many of my favourite youtubers have make videos for Gerard Cosmetics, some clearly stating that its sponsored and others trying to make it look like a normal video about their favourite products, the latter is the kind that makes me most uncomfortable.

Anyway, I will show you what I purchased and I will tell you what I think about the actual product.


L to R: Shimmer of Hope, Butter Cream, Candy Apple.

Shimmer of Hope and Butter cream are almost the same colour, one leans more cool toned and the other leans more warm toned. Candy Apple is a pretty, cool toned red colour.

The packaging reminds me of Maybelline gloss packaging with Milani colours. It definitely feels cheap. That’s not something that I really care about though, as long as the product is good, I don’t mind.


When you open the gloss, you will find a light in the lid and on the side there is a mirror, so if you need to reapply at a night club or wherever you are at night, there is no issue for you. This also seems to be the main selling point for this product and is repeated a lot in the sponsored videos. In the day time, the light is kinda problematic as it kind of makes your lips disappear.


There is a slight smell, its quite musky. It also kind of reminds me of sherbet, which I really like. They claim on their website and in sponsored reviews that they are unscented, but mine were.

Here are the swatches:


L to R: Shimmer of Hope, Butter Cream, Candy Apple


To be completely honest, I am disappointed. The parcel tracking that they give you doesn’t work. Mine still says it hasn’t been delivered.The product itself seems like any old gloss that I have, nothing special, I suppose it is more like the liquid lipsticks on the market than a standard gloss. Which is fine by me because for the price, you can get the same quality in a Maybelline lipgloss or Revlon lipgloss. But in America, these glosses retail for more than MAC glosses do – GC: $24US, MAC: $20US. Which is ridiculous because this brand isn’t well established like MAC is and there’s nothing really special about this product so why would they be so expensive? With the exchange rate, buying Gerard Cosmetics isn’t so bad, in Australia.

Apart from the price, two of my glosses have faulty packaging. Candy Apple’s light in the lid doesn’t work – which I don’t really mind – and the lid doesn’t fully close which means that it could open up into my bag and make a huge mess and waste a lot of product. Also, Shimmer of Hope doesn’t have a stopper in the tube so that the gloss doesn’t spill everywhere.

When I opened up the tube this is what happened, and this keeps happening:


This is Butter Cream, as an example of how the wand should look as it is removed form the tube:


So, I really can’t use Shimmer of Hope either, leaving me with just one out of three of my glosses that is usable. I have heard that a lot of people that wrote/taped unsponsored reviews have received orders with faulty packaging so it seems like this is normal but they seem to repost products to people when there is something wrong. That is a big plus but we shouldn’t have to pay for good customer service over paying for a good product.

These products aren’t security sealed or have an individual box around each gloss, so these glosses also could have been opened at any time. It also makes it unsafe in the package because they could be broken.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I do not believe that anyone should be buying from this company yet, no matter what the top youtubers say. I don’t think that the brand has had enough time to sort out the kinks as it is a newer line from Whitening Lightening. I also think that the price should drop because it isn’t a luxury brand and with this kind of standard of product, it won’t ever be. If you want real people recommendations, I would recommend downloading the app ‘Makeup Social’ where you can participate in lots of conversations about beauty related things! I probably won’t be purchasing anything else from the company and hope that with this review, Gerard Cosmetics will be seen the way that they should be, as a new company that is still developing themselves, not a luxury brand that is highly sought after.

I will be posting lip swatches on my Facebook page within the next few days if you are interested!

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