BellaBox November 2014: What Did I receive?

I had high hopes for this box after receiving last month’s BellaBox but when I started hearing what people had to say about this month’s box, I was just hoping for at least one item that I could make use of. This month’s box was called Dusk Till Dawn and there was no blue box this month because the ‘items were just too big!’ yeah okay BellaBox.


Here is what was inside my box:



Coastal Scents Revealed Palette Sampler:


This is probably the most exciting thing in the box and could equally be the most disappointing to some. I’ve really wanted this palette ever since I saw it on YouTube a few months ago. This sample is pretty crappy but it does let you test out the colours and see what you’d like. The black is pretty pigmented. Each shadow is probably the size of the top part of my finger so they may be too small for some eyeshadow brushes.

Value: $? I don’t have little scales so I’m going to guess that its 2g so its $2.26 (RRP: $34.00 full size 30g)

CEDEL Conditioning Foam:

This was the ‘big’ product and I’m pretty sure I could have done without it. Most of these products don’t work for my hair but I’m happier that I got this because I saw that my friend got a self tanner instead of this haha. Just because you say in the survey that you’re pale that doesn’t mean that you want to be tanned hahaha.

RRP: $14.99

BOE Beauty Nail Enamel:

I think there must have been an option to get a colour rather than a base/top coat like I got because the description says, ‘add some glamour to your nails with this on-trend nail polish colour’. I don’t think a base/top coat is an ‘on-trend’ colour haha. This stank soooo badly. I pretty much threw it out right after I took the photo. It smells cheap and nasty and I can buy BOE Beauty products at my Big W for like $1 or $2 so why would I want this in my box.

RRP: $2

Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Eye Mask:

This is supposed to treat dark circles, sagging skin, and crows feet, all of which I do not have. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this, it will probably just sit in my sample box.

Value: $4.80 (RRP: $24)

Palmers Multi-Effect Perfecting Facial Oil:

This is another product that is supposed to improve aged skin. I’m not sure what BellaBox is trying to tell me but I’m only 20 and I don’t think my skin is currently needing products like this. I’ll probably still use it but it seems a bit pointless because I won’t see any results.

Value: $0.66  (RRP: $19.99)

Compeed Blister Patch:

I suppose I can use this as I do have a few shoes that give me really bad blister but I will probably forget that I have it and it’ll end up being thrown out.

Value: $2.59 (RRP: $12.95)


Brands like BOE Beauty and Designer Brands  should not be in this monthly subscription box. They are cheap enough for us Australians to buy and try as it is. We don’t need to test from these brands, especially when most things that we have received from these brands has been useless. I’m glad that we were able to try out the Coastal Scents palette as I really have been wanting to purchase it. I’m also glad that I didn’t receive the self tanner but you can’t be excited about something you didn’t get, you need to be excited about the things you did get. Some people that I know have unsubscribed after they received this box and for once I’m actually not going to think about unsubscribing. I’m going to keep this subscription until the end of this year and then I will be unsubscribing. This has been a weird experience and to be honest, I am looking forward to moving on from BellaBox. It has been fun trying out stuff but each box has either not been up to scratch or late and the customer service is not really good enough either. I honestly would not recommend getting this subscription box when there are a lot of better options that are much better value for money. This has been one of the cheapest box that we have been sent, since I started getting these boxes.

Total Value: $27.3 (RRP $107.93)

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