Review: Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection

I’ve been waiting so long to talk about this! I was just waiting on one package and it finally arrived~




Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (repackaged)
Moisture Vivid Lipstick in Apple Red
Snow White Nail Kit


Fairy Glitter Shadows (3 colours)
Cinderella Nail Kit


Rose Cheek Blushers in Pink Rose and Coral Rose.
Moisture Vivid Lipstick in Purple Rose
Belle Nail Kit


Lash Perm Proof Shockara (repackaged)
Jasmine Nail Kit


The collection is so beautiful and I was so happy when I found out that this was happening!
As soon as I saw Belle, I said to myself, ‘I need it all’.

I thought that the choice of princesses were interesting because they aren’t the most popular princesses, especially now with Frozen out. I’m so glad that they didn’t feature Elsa or Anna because I think everyone is drowning in Frozen at the moment. I thought it was most interesting that they didn’t feature an Ariel collection because I believe that prior to Frozen’s release, she was the most popular Disney Princess. I’m just glad that we have two princess from the classic Disney period and two princess from the Disney Renaissance period.

So far, from this collection I have the two Belle blushers:

Princess happy ending 1

L to R: Pink Rose and Coral Rose

I love that you can tell which blush is which by the colour of the flowers. This packaging was in the shape of a little book.

Princess happy ending 2

The back was really cute too with the little Disney barcode.

Princess happy ending 3Princess happy ending 4

L to R: Pink Rose and Coral Rose

Princess happy ending 5 Princess happy ending 6

L to R: Pink Rose and Coral Rose

Princess happy ending 7 Princess happy ending 8
L to R: Pink Rose and Coral Rose

Pink Rose arrived first and on time, and when I swatched it, I was a little disappointed because the product looked so cheap. It almost looks like one of those blushes that you can get from the $1 store that kids play with. I was disappointed that I had bought both of them but I said to myself, I bought it for the collection and if I don’t end up using it, I wont be upset because its a ‘collectors item’. But then when Coral Rose arrived, I was relieved. This blush swatches similarly to NARS Orgasm but without the sparkle. They both have a duo-chrome effect which I think looks good on Coral Rose but not Pink Rose because that’s what makes it look quite cheap. The colour itself is very pretty though, it reminds me of TheBalm Down Boy blush. They are both decently pigmented and I can see myself getting quite a bit of use out of Coral Rose.

I bought these from beautynetkorea on eBay.

I am really pleased with this collection overall and I would encourage you to check out the other items. I do plan on getting the two lipsticks and the Snow White BB cream and I’m debating whether I want to get the nail kits because they are quite cheap.

Happy Shopping!
ArrivederLa xxx


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