NYX Ozsale Haul!

I have a love/hate relationship with Ozsale as many people know, but when they have a NYX sale and the prices are good, I don’t mind having to wait a month later than the expected shipping date. So, I ordered a couple of things and what I was most excited for was the Black Label Lipsticks. I’ve never owned any and they are one of the most talked about products from NYX and they were so cheap. The only issue was that there were no swatches for the colours that I wanted and I couldn’t see the finish. I was blindly buying the Black Label Lipsticks but they were cheap enough for me to not mind.

So, this is what I bought:


NYX Doll Eye Mascara:


So, Ozsale doesn’t give very much information about the products, they just post them up and people buy them and stuff. I’ve heard people talk about this mascara and they said that they love it but I didn’t know that this mascara was a fiber mascara. When I opened it up I got a little surprise haha. It is still supposed to be used like a regular mascara but I was PETRIFIED when I was applying this that I would get fibers in my eyes. I’ve seen enough reviews on the Younique mascara to know that getting fibers in your eyes is not a fun thing to go through. So far it’s gone well.

NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Plush Red:


I bought this because I have the lip liner in the same colour so I thought that this would be a great combo. I love these glosses, they are highly pigmented and I love the smell. I would highly recommend them.

NYX Black Label Lipsticks in Sweet Prawn, Italian Chic, Interlude and Tea in Afternoon:


Sweet Prawn and Tea in (the) Afternoon are the finish that I was expecting from all of them but the other two are frosts and not only are they frosts, they are almost the same colour.  I bought Italian Chic based on the name and I was so disappointed to see that it was a frost but I think that if I wear it with the right gloss, I can make it work. Same for Interlude. These lipsticks are really creamy but not too creamy and I’m glad I picked them up.

Hope you enjoyed this little post!

ArrivederLa xxx

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