BellaBox October 2014: What Did I receive?

I think Bellabox have pretty much redeemed themselves with this latest box. Not only did it come pretty much on time, I think that  I will use all of the things in this box. I’m really happy about it because I hate to write negative things about products but I have to give my honest opinion.

This month was Bellabox’s 3rd birthday! This month’s theme was ‘Born to be Wild’ and it featured Bellabox’s favourite things. And the blue box was back haha.

Here is what I received:

image (4)

image (5)

Model CO. Skincare:

image (6)

I’ve never tried anything by Model Co. and I’ve always wanted to so I’m glad that this was in my box this month. I haven’t heard anything about any of these products so I guess I’ll just have to try them myself and hope for the best!

Value: for all $2.83 (RRP for all $88.00)

Rimmel Lip Product (Apocalips):

image (7)

image (8)


I have quite a lot of these and I do enjoy them, this is probably the colour that I was least likely to purchase but I’m still happy that I got it because it means that I get a chance to see what this colour would look like on me. I have a pink lipliner on under the gloss to make it look better on my skin but the swatch on my hand is the true colour.

Value: RRP: $15.95

NIVEA Stress Protect Deodorant:

image (1)

I got this product from a PINCH ME sample a couple of months ago so I already have an opinion on this. I actually really hate this product if you use it on an every day basis. It doesn’t last long at all. I still sweat when I wear this but i suppose my sweat doesn’t smell? A little bit too much information haha. I just carry around this sample in my bag in case I somehow forget to put on deodorant in the morning before uni. There is a roll on version and I hear that it is much better.

Value: $? (RRP: $6.59)

Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner:

image (2)

You can’t go wrong with samples of good shampoos and conditioners. However there have been shampoo and conditioner samples in a lot  of the boxes lately and I’d rather have something else because my samples are kind of piling up now.

Value: $1.82 (RRP: $13.98)

Kester Black For Bellabox Polish in Ruby Tuesday:

image (3)

I am quite excited to use this product. I’m not sure if it is any good or not but I don’t have a red nail polish so I’m happy to add this to my little collection. This is quite expensive! I don’t think that I would ever purchase another colour and that might just be because I’ve never heard of this brand and if I was going to spend that much, I would rather spend it on a brand I know and enjoy, like OPI or Essie.

Value: RRP: $20

MOR Hand Cream:

image (4)

I’ve really wanted to try these hand creams so I’m glad this little sample was in my box this month!

Value: $0.56 (RRP: $14.95)

Overall I am quite happy with this box this month! I think that this box is what we should expect every month. This is the kind of stuff that is worth paying for. I’m actually getting to try stuff that I may never have tried.

Total Value: $41.16 (RRP $159.47)

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