Review: TheBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude Palette

Meet Matt(e) Nude 1Meet Matt(e) Nude 2

I bought this palette about a week ago, so I have had some time to play around with it and develop a solid opinion on it. I had been wanting this palette for a while and when I saw NikkieTutorials recreate this look, I knew that I had to go buy it. I purchased this at David Jones for $49.95 which seems to be quite expensive but when you compare the amount of product you get, it is actually quite cheap compared to getting the same colours from a ‘cheaper’ brand like Inglot – which would be around $90 + however much it is to buy one of their freedom system palettes. You are also able to purchase it online from a number of different stores.

TheBalm actually has another Meet Matt(e) palette but I don’t think that it is available in Australia, or it isn’t anymore. It was smaller and it featured our good friend Matt – who is presumably the person on the packaging – with clothes on. It also had more greens and blues. But all of the colours were matte, just like this palette.

Each shadow in this palette is close to 3 grams each, which is double the amount you get in a MAC eyeshadow. The shadows have quite multicultural last names which I think is pretty cool and I think it is a lot of why I like it, apart from the fact that I just think that it is a great palette.

Meet Matt(e) Nude 3

This is where the names come from:

Johnson: Western (blue-gray)

Garcia: Spanish (burgundy)

Malloy: Irish (creamy white)

Rosen: German (mid-tone warm brown)

Wood: Western (cool dark brown)

Singh: Indian (peach)

Abdul: Arabic (grey)

Lombardi: Italian (buttery yellow)

Hung: Vietnamese (plum gray)

Meet Matt(e) Nude 4

I swatched the shadows over the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in milk and also on to my bare skin so that you can see the difference. These shadows are quite pigmented and they stick to the skin quite well, when you rub your fingers together to try and wipe away the colour, it doesn’t really budge like many other shadows that I’ve tried and I would say that that is a good thing.

Another thing that I love about this palette is that while they are neutral shades, they’re not the standard neutral shades. There are typical browns and things but I think that this palette is more interesting than the regular neutral matte palette because of the muted blue, plum, burgundy, etc.

I think that if you love matte shadows that this would be a great purchase. I have already convinced a friend to buy it and she is loving it so far! I have been using this daily and because there is a range of cool and warm shades, I think that this can assist any shadow look.

Hope you are having a good day!

ArrivederLa xxx

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