Review: Essence Bloom Me Up! Shimmer Powder

I’ve always had a sort of fondness for Essence. They are a cruelty free brand with something for anyone on any budget. They have such cheap products and you’d be surprised by how many awesome things they have. Most Australians know Essence for their great nail polish range, I think that in Europe their displays are much bigger than Australia’s.

One of my favourite things about Essence is that they do little collections each month with cool products and their latest collection in Priceline is the Bloom Me Up! collection. Apparently there is another collection on at the same time but this is the one I’ve seen in the Pricelines I visit. Bloom Me Up is full of pastel colours and the collection is a perfect way for us in the Southern Hemisphere to celebrate the first month of Spring!

Here is the shimmer powder:

image (5) image (6)

It is quite pinky toned, which I love. I wear pink blushes and I’m not really someone who wears a lot of bronzer so this is really perfect! However, I do think that this would suit a lot of people and a lot of different makeup looks. It doesn’t show up very pink when swatched.

image (7)

I tried my best to get a good shot of the shine on my hand but NOOOOO. Hopefully these next pictures of me wearing it will give you some idea of the shimma shimma.

chocolate 3 chocolate 4

I used it on both my cheekbone and my brow bone. I think you can see it best on the brow bone. I really love the effect it gives.

Thumbelina 1

In this photo you can see it (with great difficulty) down the centre of my nose.

I plan on using this every day and in most looks that I will do in the future, I’m sure I’ll be wearing this. So, if you see some awesome highlight happening, you’ll know what it is!

I would definitely recommend this. If you’re unsure about it, your Priceline or Target may have one tester open, although I know that Essence aren’t well known for having testers for their limited edition collections. Its only $5.75AUD, how could you go wrong?


ArrivederLa xxx



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