Review: Australis Velourlips + Lip swatches

I’ve been working my way through this brand since the start of this year and I am absolutely loving every minute of it. Recently, I have been testing out the Australis Velourlips, a matte lip cream.


Top to Bottom: TOK-I-O, PA-REE, NY-CEE.

These are very similar to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, Bourjois Lip Creams, Saavy’s Matte Creams and Lime Crime’s Velvetines. They are designed to be a highly pigmented lip colour that dries completely matte. All of the colours in this line are quite bold, except maybe the nude but even that colour stands out quite a bit! I’ve purchased TOK-I-O (purple), PA-REE (nude), and NY-CEE (red), and I love them all.

Each of them comes with a doe foot applicator for ease of application but you’ll want to be extremely cautious because these are very pigmented so you will want to avoid making a mistake at all costs haha. You may want to line your lips before if that helps you. They smell like Cherry flavoured Starburst lollies or Raspberry Schweppes, which I adore. The colours I own are very pigmented but I think that the nude may be a tiny bit less pigmented than the rest, but it is certainly still pigmented. These last absolutely AGES, I have wore all of these for an entire day and it took a lot of eating to take this off. I didn’t even need to reapply. These have a fantastic staying power and in my experience, once fully dry, they don’t transfer at all.


Worn: TOK-I-O

This is my most recent purchase and I bought it because I really love purple and I had loved the others I’d purchased. I didn’t think I was going to like this much on me because I didn’t think the Saavy lip cream in the purple shade suited me all that well and it was certainly a more wearable colour but I actually prefer this one because its a solid purple where the other is more pink purple.

Worn: PA-REE

This was my first Velourlips purchased. I bought it after watching Brittany Saunders talk about it on Youtube and it looked similar to MAC Modesty and NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu, two nudes that work on my skin tone. I like it a lot but I don’t wear it too much because I think some days it doesn’t suit me but I’m working on it haha.

Worn: NY-CEE

This is my favourite of the three I own. It is a perfect red on it me and because it stays on so long, I am so comfortable just wearing it on uni days and not thinking about if my lipstick is disappearing on me. I would recommend trying this one if you like reds or are looking to try and of these. This seems to be the safest option as far as the bold colours go.

I would definitely recommend this product. I only wish that they had more colours! They are only $9.95 at Priceline and they are currently on sale for $6 or $7, so I’d definitely go check them out if you haven’t. They are a little bit drying so just put a lip balm on five minutes before applying this lip product.

Hope you’re all having a good day.


RIP Robin Williams ❤

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