Recent Priceline Purchases

Priceline have had some pretty amazing sales lately, like 40% off skincare and 50% off Sally Hansen and things like that. I go to Priceline regularly and thought I’d share what I have purchased over the last two weeks or so:


I didn’t end up getting anything while Priceline had its 40% off skincare which is sad but all I would have bought was face wipes and they were still on sale post skincare sale. So I bought my Simple Cleansing Face Wipes.

Whilst there was a sale on Sally Hansen, I picked up two nail polishes, Save the Date (Sparkly Burgundy) which I want to paint my entire body with, the colour is perfect, and Café au Lait (warm nude). I love Sally Hansen nail polishes so I was really excited about this sale.

Revlon had a sale on their Balm and lip butters, all of them were only $10AUD! I own almost all of the Kissable Balm stains and own two matte balms and one lacquer, so I bought another matte balm in 210 Unapologetic. There aren’t many exciting shades for me in the matte balms but I love how they feel and I love the finish. I might go and pick up the purple colour later on because I think it is pretty.


Rimmel recently brought out their balms similar to the Revlon Balms and Clinique ones and pretty much every brand’s one. Rimmel seems to be the last to have a balm like this in their range. I haven’t heard much about these but Rimmel had a sale on all lip products, mascaras and 60 second polishes so I picked up this balm in 200 Keep Mauving. The packaging is pretty deceptive. It looks like it would be brown but its a plummy mauve. I has the same finish as the Revlon Kissable Balm stains, not sure how long wearing these are though.


Australis has 30% off all products at the moment and if I had the money, I would have bought so many things because I really like Australis but I just picked up another one of their VelourLips in NY-CEE. They all have funny names and they all smell really nice. The lady at Priceline told me this was her favourite lip product 🙂

I also bought a Maybelline Color Show eyeliner in Edgy Emerald. I’ve been wearing coloured eyeliner with my regular liquid eyeliner a lot lately and have been loving it. So I picked this up, it was only $6.95 or $5.95, I’m not sure, but I think they are nice for the price.

Here are the swatches. The red got smudged by my jacket -_-


L to R: VelourLips in NY-CEE, Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic, Rimmel Color Rush in Keep Mauving and Maybelline Color Show eyeliner in Edgy Emerald.


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